Zephyr (ゼフェル, Zeferu) is a wizard character from the anime , Ragnarok : the Animation . He was a great wizard with a extraordinary magical abilities and also a teacher to Takius . However , he was insane and goofy as he was easily manipulated by Dark Lord at one point . He was voiced by Mark Stoddard and his seiyuu was Nachi Nozawa .


Zephyr was very insane and sinister . He was also very goofy for he always have the habit of laughing for no apparent reason . He also seems to care less about the others as he considered them as his pawns of his "game" as he had no qualms of taking others' lives . He was relentless and merciless as he uses his magical abilities to hurt humans and monsters alike .

He was also fanatically desperate of searching for the "truth" , for he always believe that he would save the others , by using any violence actions on others .

However , he also had an odd with Takius . He seems to care about her as he gave Takius the blindfolder and a staff , which he can control her actions .


Not much was known of Zephyr's past . However , it turned out that he was born with the extraordinary magical ablilities , which he controls . Upon realising this , Zephyr decides that he can use his powers to help the others in need . However , that is not the way that he vowed . One day , Zephyr was doing his experiment on the innovative magic just when his experiment went badly wrong and as the result , it destroyed his home and thus , killing his family members . Zephyr , upon seeing this , immediately mourn their deaths .

Soon after the incident , he decides to search for the "truth" , out of his insanity . All the people , upon hearing the incident , began to critize and ridicule him in a injustice manner . That night , he was crying in the church when Dark Lord , upon hearing Zephyr's sadness , immediately arrive in the scene and offer Zephyr of his services . Eventually , Zephyr accepted the offer and as the result , he became insane soon afterwards .

A few days later , Zephyr was roaming the earth when he found Takius and he decides to adopt her . Since then , he begins to