Zealotus (ジルタス, Jirutasu) is the character that serves as one of the antagonists in the anime , Ragnarok the Animation . She was in fact the offspring which was the result of the relationship of both her monster father and her human mother , thus giving her an appearance of the Demi-Human . She was voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard and her seiyuu was Mariko Suzuki.



Zealotus was known to be the outcast towards the human society . Because she was treated as an outcast in the past , Zealotus was known to have a comtemptuous and cynical view towards the life of humanity . When she serves Dark Lord at that time , she became very cruel and ruthless . Zealotus also known to enjoy humans' suffering and pain and she had no qualms of tormenting them just like from torturing both Takius and Maya to changing Alice into the hideous monster in Alberta . 

However , Zealotus was not completely evil but she was considered by fans as tragic character.