Watashi-tachi no Mirai no Tame ni! (私達の未来のために!)

For the Sake of Our Future

Date Aired : 28 September 2004

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The episode begins with a Rogue , a Thief and a Blacksmith were mysteriously teleported onto the dark forest near Glast Heim . Then immediately , a Blacksmith began to looked around and became very surprised when he knew that the undead monsters didn't go after them . A Rogue then said that they are gone . However , a Blacksmith looked around the dark forest as he comments that this isn't realy good . Suddenly , the sky turned red and the trio became very frightened . So at once , a Rogue runs towards Glast Heim as she followed by a Blacksmith and lastly , a Thief .

At the same time in the room in Glast Heim , Roan who was poisoned by Yufa , was lying on the floor , trying to get up but to no avail as Yufa watched him in delight . Immediately , Roan asked why have Yufa done to him and she responded by laughing evilly as her eyes began to glow red .

Elsewhere , Judia was still fighting with the Dark Illusion as they keep coming in the hallway of the castle . Judia declares that she won't let them get towards Roan and the others as the Dark Illusion attacked .

Meanwhile outside the castle in Glast Heim , Iruga and Keough were still fighting with each other . Keough immeditately mocked Iruga that Iruga seems to end everything but also declared that the humans were perish sooner or later . Iruga responds that Roan and the others will not let the Dark Lord destroyed the world . Then Keough immediately tell that Roan was dying in front of Yufa , much to Iruga's shock . Suddenly , Keough began to transform into his monstrous form .

Meanwhile , Roan was still lying on the floor , gasping in pain as the cursed ruby was still inside his body , Yufa , upon seeing this , stated that she was not an outlet for his lust . Then , she continues to say that of how Roan was looking upon her . Roan immediately responded by saying that he only wanted a strength to protect her .