Maya (マーヤ, Māya?, voiced by Haruko Momoi) is the next person after Takius to be introduced in the anime. She's the merchant in the group and usually joins parties to steal loot and make off with their money. Her rather disagree
able way of doing things comes from a tragic event in her childhood where she was beaten in her "hometown" of Alberta after trying to sell apples with her self-made cart. She met Roan and Yuufa in the Prontera Sewers when they saved her from a large number of Thief Bugs. In return, she saves them by delivering a Blue Potion to Yuufa during their fight with a Golden Thief Bug. She later changes her rather roguish ways after becoming attached to Yuufa and the rest of the group. She has a known affinity for monsters, never being seen without her pet Poring named Poy-Poy. In Episode 7, she befriends an "Alice" (monster who resembles a human maid) but sadly meets a tragic end because of the actions of Zealotus (a half monster who despises humans) in Episode 19. However, she makes peace with Zealotus, but too little too late in Comodo. Maya only ever uses two skills in the series, Mammonite and Cart Revolution. Maya is the only member of the group to not "advance" to another job. She does, however, throw potions much like an Alchemist.


Maya on the left Yufa on the Right Roan at Center on the beach


Maya on the center at Ragnarok The animation soundtrack cover