Like Yuufa is childhood friends with Roan, Iruga, "Hiruga" (イルガ? , voiced by Kazuya Nakai)

hr is childhood friends with Keough and is an Assassin. After witnessing his friend "die" in Glast Heim, Iruga decided to protect both Yuufa and Roan in Keough's memory.

Later on in his travels, he meets an amateur female Hunter by the name of Judia. After saving her from a couple of bandits, they become companions (or rather she just follows him). When Iruga finds out Keough is alive and now working for evil, he fights his former friend in an effort to bring the real Keough back. During one confrontation, he becomes gravely injured, and is forced to battle Keough in a weakened state numerous times. In the final battle in Glast Heim, Iruga and Keough fatally struck each other at the same time. However, Iruga managed to stab Keough's wound, freeing his friend's heart from the evil the Dark Lord placed in it. Unfortunately, this killed Keough in the process and the two died.

Iruga is a man of a few words, only speaking when it is most necessary. His behavior usually clashes with Judia's loud and brash attitude towards others, and even when an argument breaks out between her and the other adventurers in Roan's party, he just silently watches.

Aside from being a ruthless master of his most preferred weapon, a katar-like weapon called a Jur, he also shows kindness to nature, and has a philosophy regarding the preservation of life, which somewhat reflects his fighting style, which causes him to move only if his friends are endangered.