Alberta is a seaside town located southeast of Payon and is the major trading center of the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard. This town is composed primarily of Merchants and is also led by the Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild, Mahnsoo.


Of the eight towns within the Kingdom, Alberta is the only one closest to the sea aside from Izlude (Comodo is an exception because it is a subterranean town.). Its architecture is composed of houses which mostly do not have roofs and instead has an accessible rooftop floor and a predominant white color scheme. There are only a few houses which have roofs made out of blue tiles and most of them are considerably larger than the residential buildings. In addition to this, the streets are lined with palm trees.

The climate of Alberta is somewhat tropical, with occasional storms due to its proximity to the sea.

Leadership of the Merchant GuildEdit

Because of the predominance of merchantile industries in Alberta, which is under the influence of the Merchant Guild, there exists an unwritten rule against those who claim to be Merchants without undergoing an application with the Merchant Guild. Maaya experiences this and is punished by the people mainly because she did not apply in becoming a Merchant yet she tried to sell some wares with her own efforts.